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Outdoor led light box – If you have wedding plans, what better way to celebrate it than abroad. Now that summer arrives instead of locking yourself in an enclosure. If in a previous post and we could show you ideas to celebrate weddings abroad. This time we will focus In lighting. An essential aspect in any type of decoration that in the case of weddings can wrap the event in a magic and fascinating halo at dusk.

Posted on December 3, 2017 Outdoor Lights

To outdoor led light box wedding suitably does not require great expense or an overflowing imagination. It is enough to follow these tips. And to use small light complements that a priori seem very simple. But that combined of the suitable form are able to completely transform the space in which it is celebrate. Of course, it is always recommend to use warm light. The one that tends more to yellow than blue. To generate a romantic atmosphere.

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The main obstacle we have when applying outdoor led light box for wedding is the absence of cables, plugs and electrified areas. As a result, “manual” lighting accessories (such as candles, glass pendants, wood or paper) or battery or battery elements are often used to illuminate events for a few hours, as is the case in the case Of weddings.

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