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Window Treatments For Sunrooms Ideas – It’s time to dress your windows and you do not know where to start. And it is not the same to wear a window as a sliding window. As a guideline, even today, the curtain that is most placing is traditional since it adapts to all types of windows. The blind, however, is no longer using as much. Curtain. It is very versatile and in the form of a curtain, it is translucent and very luminous. The double curtain (curtain and curtain) dresses and allows fine-tuning the entrance of light.

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Screen. You can choose the degree of thickness and aperture of the mesh to make it more or less transparent window treatments for sunrooms ideas. It is easy to clean (just wipe with a damp cloth). Wood slats. They are very practical in kitchens and bathrooms due to their good resistance to humidity. Packet. They impose themselves on the blinds of the rod, to be much more practical when washing (the rods do not have to be removing). It is the classic old floor window with two swinging doors. They are beautiful, but difficult to wear.

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The most decorative option is two curtain falls, either with a bar or with a rail. If you have a false ceiling, the best solution is the rail, because the mechanism will be hidden and, in addition, the result will be very decorative window treatments for sunrooms ideas because it will appear that the curtain leaves the wall itself.

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