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Window coverings for sunroom acts as decorative trim around the inner and outer parts of a window frame. In addition to its aesthetic advantages, this helps trim to hide the gaps between a window frame and the wall, and is also a transition between these elements.

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Hardwood window coverings for sunroom made of oak, maple, walnut and other woods is one of the oldest and most widely used forms of window trim. When finished with a stain or clear coat, the hardwood shell used to create a traditional, classic design. Left unfinished, this trim a more rustic, natural finish. Woodworkers carve profiles in this housing by means of a router and other special tools. Some more simplified versions have a simple, smooth profile. Hardwood tends to cost more than other types of window casing, and also requires the highest maintenance and care. This material is sensitive to moisture and humidity changes, and can also be damaged by termites and other pests.

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Window coverings for sunroom also consist of plastics material such as PVC, polystyrene or glass fiber. Manufacturers compress these materials to form many different types of window casing and pattern profiles. Some can even be embossed with texture to mimic the look of real wood grain. These materials tend to cost less than solid wood or hardboard, and require very little maintenance. Unlike wood, they offer a high degree of moisture resistance, and cannot be damaged by termites and pests.

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