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Unique platform bed – Enjoy superior back support while saving money by building a platform bed yourself. Take a simple wooden box and turn it into a platform bed in an afternoon. Moved easy, practical and cheap, avoiding a homemade platform bed cost and problems presented by box springs.

Posted on November 11, 2017 Platform Beds


Decide on the features of the unique platform bed you want to build. Determine the size of your platform bed. Measure the length and width of the mattress that you want to use. Then add 4 inches to the length. The width depends on whether you are using a rim; add the width of the rim to the width of the mattress. Determine the finished height of the bed including the mattress. After subtracting the thickness of the mattress from the total height; this measurement is the height of the platform.

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Unique Platform Bed WideSize: 1184 x 668

Unique Platform Bed PartSize: 1200 x 800

Particleboard offers a good value, but is stiffer. Contact your purchased plan for the proposed materials. Cut your material, or allow cutting your lumber yard or home products store. See your plan, or subtracting the thickness of the top surface material from the desired height of the platform; the resulting measurement is the height of two lateral supports from the floor. The length of the side supports equals the measurement for the length of the unique platform bed.

Sand the wood, if necessary, in the direction of the grain. Stain or seal the wood before assembly. After the platform bed you build is put together, you can go over any raw wood with a cloth coated with stain or sealant.

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