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Window treatments for sunrooms – Boring window is a great shame when it comes to decorating. Enough style and materials are available to create a decorative accent for all types of windows. The treatments can help filter light, create privacy, conceal an ugly view and link together the room’s overall style. Best of all, there are window treatments for sunrooms for every skill level, from beginner to expert seamstress.

Posted on November 10, 2017 Windows Sunroom

Colorful Ribbons

Scrap metal band and thin curtain rods, all you need to create cheerful window treatments for sunrooms that will help filter light and add a burst of color to the room. Cut each piece of wide ribbon a little more than twice as long as you need. Loop the band around the pole; pull the ends through so they hang down evenly. Continue adding strips until the entire rod is covered. Hang the curtains on the window, and use additional tape to create tiebacks if needed.

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Striped Valance

Add crisp detail to a room and help to make a couple of plain curtains Pop with a DIY Valance. Cut two short pieces of plywood to create the valance sides and a long way to create the valance front. Nail the sides and front together, make sure the edge of the screen is large enough to fit over the curtain rod at the top of the window. Cover Valance with a thin layer of batting, batting and cover with black and white striped fabric. Hang white curtains from the curtain rods and secure striped valance over the top of the window.

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