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Vinyl sunroom windows – Measure the size of the vinyl windows. Vinyl windows are usually measured in increments quarter inch, so your measurement should be compatible with a quarter multiplier 4 feet, a half inches or 5 feet, three-quarter inch. Write the measurements down. Take them to a hardware store or home improvement to order replacement vinyl windows. At the window frame, remove the existing vinyl sash. Remove the inner stops located on the bottom of vinyl windows by prying them with a screwdriver. Do not remove the outer stopper.

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Cut the bottom support frame lines using a utility knife. Then repeat this step on the upper arch. Next, release the vinyl sunroom windows frame by loosening the mounting screws around the frame. Pull away and out of the window frame. Wipe the window border with white spirit and a clean cloth to remove any debris. Use a spatula if necessary to remove the old caulking. Set the replacement window in place. Center the replacement vinyl windows in the window framing.

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Leave about 1/4 inch around each page to work in the spacers. Insert shims to glue them into the gaps between the vinyl windows and frame. Tap in with a hammer is necessary. Attach replacement windows with screws to secure it in place. Last, caulk around the window to seal framing. Allow the caulk to adjust according to manufacturer’s instructions and then open and close the vinyl sunroom windows to see if it works.

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