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Pendant Light Cable – Hanging lamps are traditionally in the living room on the table. If the pendant lamp is hang properly, it should be about three feet above the table. Furthermore, the problem arises when you choose to use your dining room for another purpose. Moreover, the hanging lamp becomes a danger problem in the room. You can shorten the wire of your hanging lamp. That allows you to walk under it without hitting your head.

Posted on November 14, 2017 Pendant Lights

The steps are first to shorten the pendant light cable, disconnect the electricity from your hanging lamp. By turning off the switch that supplies the electricity to the circuit in the main electrical panel. Test to verify that the electricity has been disconnected from your hanging lamp. If the power has been properly off, the light in your tester will not turn on. Then, disconnect the cables from the inside of the electrical box. And then, open the chain link that is attach to the screw neck ring.

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Pull the pendant light cable through the top of the screw collar to remove excess cable in the chain. Note which side of the lamp cable labeled with black tape. Remove excessive cable using a wire cutter/peeler. And then, strip the insulation of each wire of the lamp by 1/2 inch (1.27 cm). And the last is get the part back into their position. Restore power to the lamp circuit by turning the switch on the main electrical panel. And test it on.

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