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Fibre optic lights for ceilings are the perfect complement to any home theater or children’s room. It consists of a cap equipped with thousands of fiber optic lights which give the effect of looking into a star field when lit up. Although this project is time consuming, the ceiling is easy to install. If you do a little planning and make sure you have all the pieces you need. And this project will go much smoother

Posted on November 5, 2017 Ceiling Lights

Fibre optic lights for ceilings to create a dramatic look for a room. Side emitting fiber optic cables can placed in recessed areas on the ceiling or hidden behind panels hanging from the ceiling. Exposed side radiating fiber-optic cables can be given the look of neon lighting. Similar to pool bottoms and roads, the final glorious fiber optic cables embedded in the ceiling, creating illuminated dots. Fiber optics may also be placed in the can or turn the lighting in the ceiling, as well as more traditional lighting functions.

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Installing the stars will be the most time consuming part of this project. When you want the fiber to fit snugly into plywood, drill holes for them using the smallest living possible. Feed a cable through each hole and make sure each goes through the woods and sticks out a bit on the other side. Think about how you will assemble the fiber optic cables, and where they are going to travel. Use the shortest length of cable is possible. And because you want your fibre optic lights for ceilings source as close as possible.

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