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Small sunroom furniture – Rattan is a type of wicker furniture. The repair process for rattan is the same as for basketry. This type of furniture is often used in sunrooms, porches and outdoor settings. Extreme weather and temperatures, along with age, can take a toll on rattan. Once the pieces update, a few simple techniques, with the help of a few basic tools, you can restore them to their former glory

Posted on November 23, 2017 Sunroom Furniture

How to repair rattan small sunroom furniture put on your goggles. Always wear goggles to protect the eyes from debris while you work. If pieces of rattan have broken free from weaving, tuck them in place and glue them down. And if necessary, use a knife to push the piece in place and to shape the rough edges. If the furniture has jagged pieces of using sandpaper gently shape them until they feel smooth to the touch.

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After that to repair small sunroom furniture, dry the furniture, making sure it is free from dust and particles. Then you may need to gently wash with soap and water. Allow to dry thoroughly. Spray with primer. And then make sure the furniture is evenly coated. Let the primer dry completely. Spray the piece with weatherproof paint. Let dry, and then check to see if you need another layer.

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