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Screened sunroom kits – Choose a screened sunroom kits if you are not an expert builder or designer. While it is okay to use recycled materials or build from scratch if you own a rustic home, be sure to plan a do-it-yourself sunroom meticulously so it will not benefit from the market value of your home. An important advantage of a top-of-the-line factory built sunroom kits is that it is extremely energy efficient. Build sunroom on the side of your home that will look appealing from the front curb.

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Choose a screened sunroom kits that is manufactured by a company with a solid history of service – and do not assume that a sunroom is what it is advertised to be.  Dig the foundation, you will design thick enough to absorb the full sun to keep cooling costs down in summer.

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Build a shape around the bottom of the trench perimeter pouring footers that will support the wall. Let the concrete dry for 48 hours. Installing concrete blocks on top of the footer. Add cap blocks around the perimeter of the block wall. Roll out metal grid in the bottom of sunroom foundation. Pour the concrete to the top of the blocks and use a trowel to create a smooth surface.

Construct framing from a screened sunroom kits, or use a suitable type of wood such as pine or cedar. Take each section of the roof, walls and corners with a carpenter’s level to ensure all glass components fit tightly. Install the premade glazing. Seal around any sunroom windows or doors that you build in place.

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