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Maxim outdoor lighting – Are you a flame or light bulb? Do you prefer traditional or design lamps? Black or white, colorful, huge, invisible…? Light is key in any space in the house, and also outside is not a minor issue. A suitable choice can enlarge a small balcony or transform the gray terrace into a place for romance and intimacy.  There are many ways to illuminate, so why stay with only one? Decorative eclecticism is very fashionable. It is advisable to avoid homogeneity and bet on variety. Three different types of light sources would be the least we should use.

Posted on December 18, 2017 Outdoor Light

Unless you have a terrace or garden worthy of a palace, chances are that the space you have is reduce. If you put on bright maxim outdoor lighting, it will look more like an interrogation room than an outdoor hall. Soft light provides intimacy and warmth. You can try to filter the light through a solid screen or buy low intensity bulbs. You can also look for small bulbs and use lamps with mirrors to give more light.

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Maxim Outdoor LightingSize: 1500 x 1000

Garlands are a way of illuminating an entire space with a single maxim outdoor lighting source. There are many sizes, shapes and colors, and always bring joy. Because they are very flexible, they can be used to make all kinds of shapes, from surrounding trees or furniture to creating canopies and curtains.

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