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Pendant lighting design – Attractive pendant lighting can add visual interest and to improve a room’s lighting. Hanging lamps are the focal points of a room, and you should plan their investment for the greatest visual impact. Hanging lamps may be used for general lighting, but they are much more effective as decorative lighting.

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Measure the space where you will incorporate pendant lighting design, and sketch the dimensions of the paper. Draw walls and furniture to scale. Mark the location of windows, doors and electrical switches on the drawing. Double-check the dimensions of the room and the drawing, and highlight the circulation paths (where people walk) in space.

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Mark the center of the drawing tables, bars and large spaces. Look for places where you want to draw a visitor’s eyes. In a nice dining room table or hanging from a cathedral ceiling are perfect places for pendant lighting. Remember that lighting is secondary to create a visual mood. Draw pendant lighting in the center of the selected place. Even more space hanging fixtures of long elements such as bars and conference table.

Check the location of hanging lights in relation to other aspects of space, such as the location of windows, doors, paths and soffits. Lighting gives orders to a space, so any reinforcement of a space geometry and layout is helpful. Consult an electrician for the installation. Remember to have separate general pendant lighting design space. Use a dimmer for pendant lighting and a separate dimmer for general lighting. Variable lighting provides flexibility to the room and let the different moods.

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