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Pella sunroom windows – Pella has built replacement windows since 1925. Pella manufactures windows in wood, fiberglass and vinyl frames to meet all needs. Their glass options include double or triple box with options for low-e and Argon for insulation. To maintain and use Pella sunroom windows is a simple process that anyone can learn.

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Opening and closing

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Lock the lock is on top of the lower window frame. Some windows can have two locks. Open either the upper or lower arch by lifting hands from the arc. Slide the hoop back to the closed position and the lock to close the window. The lock will align and center the hoop to ensure a tight seal.

Remove Screens

Lifting the lower arch with a third and upper arch with a third. Remove the four pistons located at each corner of the screen with your hands by pulling them out. Grasp the monitor with both hands on the ground and tilt of the screen away from the house. Lift the bottom while freeing it from its slot. Tilt the screen and twist it to fit through the Pella sunroom windows opening. Pass the screen of the window to the inside of the house.


Mix one part vinegar to ten parts of soft water in a bucket. Wet microfiber cloth in the mixture and clean the glass and the frame with the cloth. Squeegee water from the glass to the bottom and wipe up excess water by the cloth.

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