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Outdoor lighting signs are available in a variety of colors and styles and are customizable to fit your personal needs. They show images, text, art and anything else your imagination envisions. Best of all, these characters are not a professional for installation. Advertise or express yourself in a lighter way, in the space of an hour with an outdoor lighting signs.

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Cut off the power to the place where you will be working. Turn off the power at the breaker. Run the AC lead wires from the circuit panel to the proposed sign location. Trim the excess wire with wire cutters. Attach the green neutral wire to the neutral block on the switch for the outdoor lighting signs. The neutral block on the plate should be marked “neutral” or match the color of the neutral wire.

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On the remaining three lines with three threads on the illuminated display. Twist the wires. Wrap each twist with electrical tape. Cap each twist by twisting a wire cap. Prepare illuminated sign for assembly. Remove any mounting screws and plastic fasteners from the character and put them aside. Turn the screws counterclockwise to loosen and remove them.

Tuck the wires into the open back of the sign. Place the wires in the area farthest from the light in character. The light can be hot and should not be too close to the wires. Storing the wires in the box with the light does not cause harm as long as they are kept away from light. Hold the plate against the wall. Put all the mounting screws through the plastic fasteners and the wall with a power drill. Turn the power back to the area where you have worked. Turning on the switches of the switch.

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