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Kids loft bed with steps – my idea for this post was not just to see different styles of bunk beds, but also solutions for more than two in one room. Solutions for four!!! Take advantage of the longer wall of the room and place the four beds with a central staircase. This type of access is much safer than the outside ladder. Of course we must have space but do not forget that you have saved the space for two beds.

Posted on November 17, 2017 Loft Beds

In this room there is little space, however they have located two children and one baby. Another way of placing two kids loft bed with steps is on both sides of the window. You will have a central corridor and the bedroom will not be too overwhelmed. We know that there will not be much space left, but the idea is that this room is just for rest.

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The rest of the kids loft bed with steps  rooms of the house that have left free you can use them for other purposes. This idea is very original but not very sure. For older children it would not be dangerous, but we do not have rails or stairs. Also in this case if we need a lot of space. What you will not deny is that it is a very original idea.

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