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Blue LED pond lights – A pond cannot sleep when the sun goes down. Dust lighting allows you to enjoy all the life and beauty after dark. Special lenses can also be used to create colorful effects in the water. Dust lighting can be as creative or subdued as you choose. Either way, it will add some sparkle after dark to water and mark waterfalls, fountains and other special features of the dam.

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Purchasers low voltage halogen or LED light fixtures and lamps for underwater use. Add the wattage of all the lights you install and multiply the sum by 115 percent to determine the minimum power of the transformer you need. Buy a transformer rating for underwater pond lights that can handle the wattage of all the lights you plan to use. You may want to buy a bigger, if you plan to add more lights in the future. The transformer should also rated for blue LED pond lights. You may want to buy one that has a timer to automatically turn the lights off and on. And also with a photocell that will turn the lights on at dusk and off at dawn.

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Buy a three-way quick connects splitter to a transformer. Fit fittings and install the dam light according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Then connecting dust light to the quick coupling splitters. Connects dividers to the transformer. And then keep the connection between the blue LED pond lights wires and splitters above ground and out of the water. Then plug the transformer into a ground fault circuit interrupter outlet with a weatherproof junction box.

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