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Nautical mini pendant lights are popular for both decorative and practical use. The nature of a pendant light brings it closer to your work area, such as a kitchen counter or dining table, which allows for a more directional light that isolates the area you need without giving too much light, you do not want it. There are several things to consider when designing your own pendant light. But take the time to plan will help you to create a light that you will be happy with for years to come

Posted on November 17, 2017 Pendant Lights

Measure the distance between the ceiling where you want the nautical mini pendant lights to hang. And the place where you want the lowest part of your light. On graph paper, draw a horizontal line near the top of the paper to represent the ceiling. Skip down a square of paper for every 3 inches of distance and draw a line in the measurement where you want the bottom of your light. Decide what type of light you want to use for your lights. Halogen lamps provide a crisp white light, but not for long and can create a lot of heat.

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Choose a shade based on your lamp and socket size. You can choose to design and create your own out of any non-combustible material. Or choose from a variety of replacement shades available at hardware stores. Glass is a popular material for pendant lamp shades in either matte or colored varieties. If you want the nautical mini pendant lights to spread out as it aims down. And design a shadow of a bell shape that is wider at the bottom.

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