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Modern sunroom furniture – Beyond a minimalist design, with modern furniture rooted in useful application. It is the marriage of form and function. In creating modern furniture, stick to the basic premise of “less is more” in the structure as well, using a basic barebones approach. No frills and ruffles, trim work and carvings are; also missing hidden drawers and dovetail construction.

Posted on January 19, 2018 Sunroom Furniture


Shape is an important factor in the design of modern sunroom furniture. Bits born of a solid structure – a chair fashioned from stone, a table created from a tree trunk, seamless manifestations that appear to have evolved from one another – are typical of this genre. An egg carton couch or a string of industrial lamps carries the theme “modern”. Soft “egg” forms coexist with sharp edges and hard, cold surfaces. Designed to follow the contours of the human body are common. The overall balance and “fit” of the furniture is a consideration when creating a modern environment.

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The color palette of the contemporary movement is black, white and beige, often accented with red. These basic color backgrounds simply show up and emphasize the design of the modern sunroom furniture. A red leather seat, or black vinyl table surface are common in modern design. The high gloss of metal is preferable to be patterned, and although some texture can be observed, it is unlikely added fabric, such as in upholstery.

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