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Modern kitchen light fixture should be brighter than the other rooms in the house. A foot candle is the measurement standard for the amount of light in 1 square meter of light. Lighting design should provide plenty specialized lighting of workstations as well as overhead modern kitchen light fixture for general illumination.

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If you think of modern kitchen light fixture design in layers, the top layer ceiling. Providing adequate overall illumination, factor in the placement of the lights to achieve evenly distributed ambient lighting around the ceiling. A light usually provides coverage for up to four times its ceiling. A light in a 10 meter high ceiling would cover 40 square meters of floor space. The use of baffles and reflectors change the size and shape of the illuminated area.

Desk lamps dual brightness of workspaces, such as the different types and cooking area. This second layer of lighting may be in the roof or temporarily mounted under the cabinet. Typically, a well-placed desk lamp covers three times its height above the mounting area. For best results, so there is place working lights directly over the work surface and above where you stand. Improperly placed desk lamps can cause shadows, reducing their effectiveness.

Many kitchens have screens or special areas that serve as the center of the room. Small, strategically placed accent lighting can draw the eye toward these areas. For lighting design layers, should accent lighting to be the smallest. Spot lights can point out the light exactly where you want it. If you prefer, directional ceiling lights are also suitable. In some cases, accent lights project light upward, giving the effect of washing the wall of light.

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