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Led lights for xmas tree – Starting with choose the right amount of light to the height of your tree to ensure that the whole tree looks full. Typically 100 to 125 lights per foot is a suitable amount. Therefore, a six-foot tree to take 600-750 lamps. Small trees require little smaller. A three-foot tree will look completely illuminated with only 100 to 150 lights.

Posted on November 15, 2017 LED Lights

Test Light of led lights for xmas tree before placing them on the tree, even when they are new. It is much easier to change burned-out bulbs before they are on the tree. Plug in light strings, replace burned-out light bulbs. And then leave them at the same time putting them on the tree. Sort an extension cord so that the socket end hanging on the back of the tree and the plug end is easily connected to a wall outlet. It is only safe to connect three sets of lights together.

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Large trees often require more than that. And to use an extension cord allows more light. Attach the top strands of the extension cord and bottom three directly in the vessel or multiple sockets. Place the container part of the first strand of lights at the top of undecorated tree. This makes it possible for species that need electricity. Take the led lights for xmas tree cord down to the best branches and wrap it loosely around a branch, go to the next one and do the same thing and working down the tree.

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