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Led mood lighting bathroom – The lighting in the bathroom should be practical and versatile. And at the same time it should offer a decorative touch to the space. And also adapt to the different areas, helping us to create different environments to make the experience inside this room, a more pleasant and relaxed.

Posted on November 8, 2017 LED Lights

To illuminate this area of ​​our bathroom, you should recommend dim lights and low voltage. Place embedded in the ceiling or in a linear way such as led mood lighting bathroom. Always consult with an expert what are the safety indexes that you must follow for your installation, since they are wet areas.

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To achieve that the energetic lighting of your bathroom is more efficient in terms of light projection and energy saving. It should be as close to natural light as it reproduces the colors of the room correctly. And helps to generate a better environment. To achieve this effect, halogen spotlights or led mood lighting bathroom are the best choice.  Depending on the size of your bathroom, it will be the distribution of the luminaries. But our recommendation is to place them centrally to achieve even illumination throughout the space. Or place them on areas that lack a natural light entrance, such as Washbasin, taking care not to create shadows in the mirror

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