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Led light panel ceiling – This is decorative panels for ceiling, manufacture with aluminum foil microperforado. It makes a special difference in space captivating the observer. Designs range from circles to complex shapes. These ceilings with decorative panels highlight the decoration style.  Perforate aluminum panels for the ceiling also serve for the wall. The panel plays the role of a lamp. In design, the motif of both is the same. It achieves soft, relaxing and also joyful lighting at the same time.

Posted on November 4, 2017 Ceiling Lights

With profiles of anodized aluminum or with flexible neon. And also with profiles that have the LED strip incorporated can achieve the expression you see in the design. And then makes the modern ceiling shine. In the left side wall a lamina or led light panel ceiling serves as a lamp to illuminate from there. A perfect composition of light, art and style

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The perforated decorative panel delineates the living area specifically in the armchair area. The light diffuses into the area. The total illumination of the room is complemented by hidden lighting in the false ceiling and spot lighting in the library that is achieved with LED strips for each case. For a colorful effect on the modern ceiling of ceiling, you can use versatile LED light panel ceiling with colored strips or with spotlights inside the design so that it diffuses. This complements the lighting provided by the eyes of ox with a touch of color.

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