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Industrial led lighting fixtures –  Lighting typically consists of overhead fluorescent lights that light up the whole room. Adding lights and LED lighting allows students to select areas in space and express their individual style. Although the rules vary between schools, allowing many industrial led lighting fixtures as long as it does not change or damage the existing fixtures in the room.

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Locate an area in the room where the LED strip can be applied easily. Common sites are the beds that have been raised to allow the storage or seating, round mirrors and windows, or behind the computer to reduce glare. Clean with a detergent to remove dirt, dust and debris. Dry with a clean soft cloth to dry the area. The adhesive backing does not bind well to dirty or damp surfaces.

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Mark the place of the industrial led lighting fixtures strip by drawing a line with a pen, using existing elements, such as the edge of the bed or the window casing, to create a straight line. Otherwise, measure carefully and use a level to mark the area. Remove the paper backing on one end of the LED light strips. Press the strip in place with your markings as a guide. Peel the paper backing as you go, press safe light strip. Tuck wires out of sight or run them behind furniture to hide them.

Use LED light strip to mark the posters, artwork or other screens. Think LED lighting for the desk for the late nights studying, while your roommate is sleeping.

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