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Wicker sunroom furniture – Using spray paint is the most effective way to paint wicker furniture. Painting wicker sunroom furniture is an easy way to update or change the look of a room. It is also very cheap. Benefits, paint a single wicker headboard or a lone wicker ottoman contrasting (or complementary) color can make a room pop visually. This thoughtful touch is an easy way to show off your decorating creativity. If you do not already own rattan furniture to paint, visit a local consignment shop or thrift store to buy some cheap – then paint it to match your home, sunroom when you get it home.

Posted on December 27, 2017 Sunroom Furniture

Spray paint the wicker sunroom furniture is a messy project. If possible, do it outside when it’s warm with a light breeze. Moreover, if the furniture already painted, removing old paint flakes with a wire brush before spray-painting a new color; otherwise the new paint will peel off with the old.

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The only decision you need to do before you start is the color – do you want to coordinate or complement the other colors in the wicker furniture space? Maybe the furniture was painted in the past and you want to match the old paint. Maybe you want to paint wicker sunroom furniture to match a set of pillows. Whatever color you choose to use, buy oil-based indoor / outdoor spray paint.

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