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Flooring ideas for sunrooms – After completing a sun room, choose flooring is one of the most important details. As with indoor spaces, hardwood floors lend a warmth to the sun room that is unmatched by other options. Homeowners must have hardwood flooring ideas for sunrooms should know that it comes at a price, however – more than the cost of materials and installation.

Posted on October 23, 2017 Sunroom Design

Solid wood flooring

Oak, known for its strength as a wooden floor, is a good choice for flooring ideas for sunrooms. Light finishes, like chestnut, is the best in this environment to enjoy nature. The bright colors of alpine ash also allow the outside to penetrate a room without overwhelming the space with his finish. Over time, solid wood susceptible to the sun’s rays, causing it to fade. Homeowners may want to protect it with carpeting or possibly window shades during the sunny part of the day.

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With her exotic looks and strength, bamboo, derived from a grass, is a wood floor alternative to sun room that looks rather like wood. Cork is another flooring option that gives a wood-like, natural look. Cork flooring is made from the ground bark of cork oaks. When the ground is baked in an oven and then made into plates.

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