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Bright led ceiling lights – The first thing is first to design the bright led lighting system. We have to consider the number of bright LED lights, the electrical wires and everything you need to fix. Generally, the spotlights are sold already accompanied by their mounting kit. However we check at the time of purchase, that are compatible with the carrier materials. We calculate the light intensity that we want to give the room and suddividiamola for those spotlights. We also consider the possibility of creating more independent files, in order to have available more intensity. Finally we decide the arrangement: we can create a simple network, concentric circles or other geometries, depending on our tastes. But remember to distribute the light evenly.

Posted on November 14, 2017 LED Lights

We delimit the perimeter of the ceiling where to place the most exterior lights. Which are equidistant from the walls. Insert 4 parker screws at the marked points and let slide a perimeter wire between them. The ideal distance from the walls is 70/100 centimeters. But obviously also depends on the size of the room. We locate the other type of parker screws along the entire perimeter, to the preferred distance. Roll out another wire to create intersections where bright led ceiling lights shall placed.

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We set the mill cup of the right diameter for the holes of the spotlights to inserted. Connect then all electrical wires that we have placed in the ceiling at the entrance of the transformer. Introduce the wires of the support of the bright led ceiling lights in the entrance led from the transformer 12V. Ensure that the spotlight is at least 20 cm from the transformer which is place in the false ceiling. Once placed the settle support the lamp and hold it there with the closing spring.

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