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Led up and down light – There are many proposals and designs that fit any style that will help us in this regard. Recessed luminaries in the ground with led, beacons of medium height that indicate the passage. Or large projectors that achieve general illumination that manage to give light to large surfaces. Wall lamps, modern or rustic style lamps, candles, etc. And as can not miss at this time … the fantastic decorative light bulbs.

Posted on December 17, 2017 LED Lights

Led up and down light of the gardens should be study considering the vegetation we have in it. In the case of having trees of interest they can be illuminate in a focus way. As well as areas of tall decorative plants that may deserve to be decant within the environment. All lights installed in green areas that are often watered must be specifically IP68 so that they do not deteriorate by continuous contact with water.

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In façade lighting, the wall lights that project their light beam on the walls are very good. You can choose to play with the height of them. There are also those that have led up and down light, which makes the facha have a very characteristic “drawing of light and the recessed for both ceiling and floor that allows us the room wall in the direction that we like.

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