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Decorating sunroom ideas – Casual comfort and peaceful relaxation is what your garden is all about. Decorate the room in ways that increase the light from the sun and embrace the natural beauty of your backyard landscape. Catch the sun with colorful stained glass. Creating a peaceful oasis with water and plants or escape to an Asian retreat with sand gardens. Also grounded furniture and bamboo fountain.

Posted on December 27, 2017 Sunroom Design

Turn your patio into a peaceful oasis with plants, fountains and a water wall. It’s easy to make your own wall of water with acrylic panels. Running from floor to ceiling and a reservoir made of a planter or a pond liner. You can cover acrylic with small river stone, slate tiles or leave it clear as a backdrop of cascading water. The mechanics of oasis water wall decorating sunroom ideas is simple. Is the acrylic panel in your reservoir, the plug against a wall and fill the container with water.

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Adding a waterfall pump with hoses running to the top of your panel. Spilling water over the face of stones or bricks. Location teak and bamboo furniture and meditation cushions to emphasize Zen feel of your conservatory. Place tall and small plants throughout the room, along with two or three more tabletop fountains to complete oasis theme for decorating sunroom ideas.

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