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Bunk Beds For Toddlers Safe – Babies, when they grow about two to three years old. Normally shifted from cribs to bunk beds and toddler bunk beds come into picture. There are different types of bunk beds. Like the standard, futon and loft etc. These beds are available in various price ranges. Depending on the materials used to make them. Like metal or wood, and also the accessories available. The frames add to the elegance of the bed. Bed frames are part of the bed. Generally made of metal or wood, painted and decorated to suit the room.

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But safety of children has always been a concern while using beds. Select bunk beds for toddlers safe is a must. Most of the times, accidents occur. Due to the absence of guardrail on all both sides of beds. Many a times only one side has got the guardrail and the kids seems to fall. Sometimes accidents happen when the guardrail spacing is more. Causing children to slip through these. Therefore the gap between the rails should be minimized on all sides of the bed. In some beds the upper mattress gets easily dislodge. With a small push especially when the kids play. It is a dangerous situation as it can fall on the kids on the lower bunk. These beds must be properly fastened to the bed frame for the children’s safety.

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Thus while selecting the beds especially the bunk beds for toddlers safe must be taken with regard to the guardrail which needs to be fitted on both sides, properly screwed and bolted to firmly attach to the frame. The height of the guardrail must be such that the kids cannot fall off. The spacing between the guardrails should be very less. Always have the guardrails in place. The mattress being chosen should be of a right fit for the toddler bed. The ladder to climb to the upper bed needs to be properly fasten. So that the kids would not slip and ensure that they use only the ladder to climb. Bunk beds are like normal beds supported by four poles and another bed is stacked over it and to get onto it a ladder is used.

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