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Bunk beds with desk and sofa bed – When you have multiple children sharing a room put them in bunk beds save floor space. As you plan bunk beds for your child’s room, consider how you can arrange them to make the most efficient layout and storage options, regardless of the size of the room.

Posted on November 20, 2017 Bunk Beds

Installing bunk bed

Instead of traditional bunk beds with desk and sofa bed layout with a stacked directly over the other, place two bunk beds in an L-shape. Place the lower bed to knit on a perpendicular, or 90 degree, angles to the upper bed. Use the extra space under the top bed as a workplace by adding a desktop, or add bookshelves, carpet and bean bags or pillows to create a reading corner. If the kids have a lot of toys, toy boxes and installing a rubber mat to create a playground. If you only have one child now, set up the bottom bed like a miniature sofa to create extra seating in the room.

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Bunk beds with desk and sofa bed are quite controversial due to safety issues. But with proper planning, your bunk secure. By building a bunk bed, you can free up more space in a small room. Bunk beds are very practical, and most kids enjoy having bunk beds during their childhood. You can frame the lower and upper beds to accommodate mattresses. Remember to leave at least an inch around all sides of the mattress to fit in the frame. The bottom bed can be attached to the frame from the inside.

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