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Besa pendant lights – Several hanging lights create modern, coherent illumination elements, but can be hard to keep up without drawing attention to their dangling cords. By hanging your plug-in ceiling lights from hooks attached to a curtain track. You do not just corral the pendant’s cord and clean up their general appearance. You can also adjust your Besa pendant lights by moving them along the track, creating more light wherever you need it.

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Locate the joists in the ceiling by pushing a stud finder across the ceiling; it beeps and lights up when it encounters a rule. Place the curtain track with at least two sets of the screw holes aligned with your rafters. Fixed curtain track directly to the rafters with 2-inch wood screw when possible; this increases the track ability to support the weight of the hanging Besa pendant lights.

Draw the ends of your charms “shades or light bulbs down to a comfortable height – usually about 3 meters over a surface such as a table, or more than 7 meters if someone will have to go under.  Work your way from the end of the track opposite wall. Wood cord dangling ends by S hooks beside them.

Turn the cable ends together and run them along the ceiling. Screw a hook in the ceiling where it meets the wall. Wood twisted cords into this hook. Attach a wall mount power strip into the socket. Connect your strings “plugs into the strip and open the plug in it, if necessary, to complete the project.

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