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Beds for loft rooms – A raised bed not only saves space, it is really cozy too. On top of storage attached to the wall or as a separate floor, there are versions for all tastes and budgets. Smart, space-efficiently and neat. It’s not for nothing that the raised bed and the loft have become so popular.

Posted on December 7, 2017 Lofts Beds

Whether you stay small loft, to save space or just want to sleep high above the floor of loft rooms? Here one examples of beds for loft rooms. The bed does not have to be up at the balcony in the loft room. Young children should not use high beds for safety. As putting a child height or regular vintage bed in an industrial-style loft and use airspace for whimsical decor. Mismatched shabby chic flea market finds, flowers and patterned linens.

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Twin Beds For Loft RoomsSize: 1024 x 768

Low Beds For Loft RoomsSize: 1000 x 635

Beds For Loft Rooms SetSize: 1000 x 1045

Also antique toys and child-sized tables and chairs or desks make it feel like home. While smart homemade art projects can climb painted brick walls but the floor to ceiling curtains add some dignity to the beds for loft rooms design. Use strings of white holiday lights and wall hanging wine crates for sparkles and storage bed at the loft room. Tuck matching wicker baskets under the bed to keep extra blankets and a stuffed animal collection neatly out of sight.

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