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Interior decorating ideas for sunrooms – When designing the interior of your cabana choose light, neutral tones which create a light, airy feel. Tan, beige and cream are attractive options for the walls. You can also use pale shades of blue, green, yellow or peach for a brighter look. In a small space like a cabana, the dark shades overwhelming so instead of covering the walls with them. Use them to add pops of color throughout the space. Draw inspiration for the rest of your pool area or at home. If you have a terracotta tiled deck, choose warm accent colors such as orange, red, gold and chocolate brown. However, with a stone or wooden deck are cooler tones like blue, green and purple a better fit.

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To prevent your interior decorating ideas for sunrooms cabana gets crowd with pool and accessories, add lots of storage possibilities. Install a cabinet unit so you can safely leave the pool chemicals and accessories you want to keep the reach of children and pets. Adding a series of shelves to store towels, sunscreen, sunglasses and other accessories for pipes pool activities.

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In addition to providing storage and a dressing room. A cabana is an ideal place to sit and relax in the shade. Adding multiple seating options ensures that you and your guests will be comfortable when cooling off in the cabana. Adjustable chairs are an effective option because they allow you to lie down or sit up. If your cabana is short on space, consider seating options that double as storage, such as a strain that provides bench-style seating.

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